EUREF Campus

With our high quality autonomous cleaning operations we make sure that the EUREF campus, Berlins leading business and research campus is clean and welcoming to residents and guests alike.

The EUREF a 55 000 m2 research and business campus is built as a smart city quarter and hosts high-profile business and political events of national and international scale.
Euref Campus
Schöneberg, Berlin

The EUREF Campus is a 5.5 hectare urban campus that serves as a base for sustainable city development and intelligent solutions for smart cities. Throughout the year EUREF hosts numerous high-profile events of national and international scale that politicians as well as business and cultural leaders from all over the world attend.

The deployment of our autonomous street sweepers at the EUREF-Campus ensures that the campus environment is always well-maintained and welcoming to visitors. Our small scale autonomous sweeper cleans the sidewalks and curbs every day, whereas the large scale vehicle operates on the main roads.

The unique environment of the campus requires a low speed, low noise sweeping operation that takes the lively traffic consisting of mainly pedestrians, cyclists and a limited amount of road traffic into account.

Given the frequency of high-profile events, our driverless cleaning operations maintain highest cleaning standards on the campus and enables dynamic scheduling of cleaning operations at night and on weekends.