ENWAY partners with the EAD to bring autonomous sweeping to the inner city of Darmstadt.

Keeping inner cities clean and well-maintained is one of the biggest challenges of municipal service providers. Together with EAD – Darmstadt’s cleaning provider – ENWAY deployed an autonomous sweeper to clean Ludwigsplatz, a busy pedestrian area in the city center.

Darmstadt´s Ludwigsplatz is one of the busiest pedestrian areas in the German city of 200 000 inhabitants.

The well-known Ludwigsplatz is surrounded by food and clothing shops and is buzzing with pedestrians and cyclists during the day and in the evening hours.

As part of the first automated cleaning deployment in Germany, our small scale sweeper performed various cleaning modes, like autonomous sidewalk cleaning and precision cleaning in an open and publicly accessible area.

As part of the deployment Enway and the EAD also tested human and robot teams that work together to make cleaning more efficient.

Use case: Inner city cleaning

In the city of Darmstadt

ENWAY is partnering with EAD to enable autonomous street sweeping for Darmstadt´s central pedestrian zones.

A successful deployment that shows the potential of automated sweeping to make cities cleaner and more welcoming.