The platform for autonomous specialty vehicles.

ENWAY is building the technology platform that enables autonomous operations of specialty vehicles. Our platform powers specialty vehicles from street sweepers to waste trucks.

Street sweeping

Enway technology enables autonomous street sweeping. We achieve centimeter precise navigation and path planning optimised for street cleaning. We believe in supervised autonomy, where an autonomous vehicle works together with human workers to make our streets cleaner.

Waste collection

Refuse vehicles equipped with ENWAY software and additional sensors are able to autonomously follow human workers. This allows waste collection to become safer and more efficient.

  • The refuse vehicle is able to follow a garbage man without the need for a driver
  • Oversight and control of self driving vehicle by a garbage man in front or back of vehicle. Special handheld device or smartphone for manual control.
  • Smart and dynamic path planning based on garbage position and obstacles


We develop the software stack that enables autonomous specialty vehicles. Our technology uses a sensor fusion approach that can combine inputs from LiDAR, Cameras, Radar, GNSS, IMU and wheel odometry.

We focus on urban outdoor applications that require centimeter precise navigation but do not exceed speeds of 50 km/h. ENWAY's software works with off the shelf sensors and can be integrated in new or used vehicles (retrofitting). Our approach is based on established frameworks such as ROS.

We believe in human - vehicle interaction and collaboration. For instance, a human worker can guide the autonomous vehicle using gestures or a handheld device.

Enabling more livable cities.


Dieses Projekt wird kofinanziert durch den Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung [EFRE].
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