autonomous specialty vehicles

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Autonomous City Services

We are building the technology for high precision autonomous service vehicles. Enabling cleaner and more liveable cities.

Use cases

Our technology can be integrated into different vehicles and used in outdoor and indoor environments. Find out how we help our customers to be more reliable and efficient

Use case: Inner city cleaning

In the city of Darmstadt

ENWAY is partnering with EAD to enable autonomous street sweeping for Darmstadt´s central pedestrian zones.

We are partnering with service providers, municipals and manufacturers to build the future of city services.

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Our technology platform is designed for different types of precision navigation vehicles ranging from three wheelers to large highly maneuverable trucks.

Precision cleaning

Centimeter precision navigation allows our vehicles to move safely alongside obstacles such as sidewalks or cars with minimal distance.

Path generation

We generate motion trajectories based on a combination of rule-based and machine learning approaches, which allows us to dynamically react to changes in the environment and ensures continuous vehicle operations.

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On top of unsupervised autonomous operations, we support human-machine interaction modes. A worker sweeps litter from hard-to-reach areas onto the sidewalk where the machine collects it.

Object detection

We use computer vision technology to detect and classify litter in real time. We use this information to adapt the behavior of the vehicle to the local environment.

Supported Vehicle Types

Industrial Sweeper

Blitz Class

Blitz Class is the perfect sweeper for warehouses, loading bays or campuses. Request a demo.

Road Sweeper

Donner Class

A compact self-driving municipal sweeper that is based on the all electric CityCat 2020 EV from Bucher Municipal. Request a demo.

Cooperation partners

We are partnering with manufacturers and service providers to develop autonomous solutions for service vehicles. Our technology is made for sweeping, waste, agriculture, landscaping, material handling and construction industries.

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We are a team of dedicated computer scientists, engineers and technology enthusiasts. We love to make things run autonomously. See how we work and discover our open positions.

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